Viewst is fully committed to providing a brand safe marketplace that advertisers can trust. We have a multi-layered approach to ensure the safety and quality of your campaign delivery across the Viewst inventory. The steps taken are outlined below.

Publisher Onboarding Process

The Viewst publisher team is our first line of defense. We are protective of our Private Marketplace and thus have strict terms and conditions that publishers have to meet, in order to be approved as a Viewst inventory source.

Real-time Brand Safety Filters

Using contextual analysis technology, we have brand safety channels that are negatively targeted by default on all campaigns. These include:

• Adult
• Arms
• Crime
• Death & injury
• Download
• Drugs
• Hate speech
• Military
• Obscenity
• Terrorism
• Tobacco
• Alcohol

Each channel consists of keywords that are associated to that content, updated daily, and are used to scan the keywords inside each article to determine the context of the page.

Identifying Unsafe Content

Viewst leverage data from our trusted impression measurement partners; we investigate supply sources with suspicious activity and unmask unsafe domains posing as legitimate ones.

Viewst’s Compliance Officer and supporting Compliance Team audit our inventory using a variety of techniques to detect the illegitimate content.

Viewst’s proprietary content categorisation algorithms categorise all inventory and block any that is unsuitable.

Take Down Policy

If a brand safety breach has occurred at any given point and Viewst is notified via written or verbal communication, we will remove the publisher from the campaign promptly. Self-serve publishers are able to pause the delivery of the ads by logging onto the Viewst platform.

Take Down Policy

Viewst blocks all unsafe traffic identified to be infringing upon our brand safety policy, through IP, domain and partner blocks. We implement traffic filters powered by extensive databases, keeping non-compliant content out.

Viewst works closely with partners to remove unsafe content sources and improve buying habits.

Thanks to Viewst’s extensive inventory categorisation we are able to offer quality verified whitelists and blocklists for campaign managers to transact upon with confidence.

Additionally, Viewst’s dedicated in-house compliance team are committed to case-by-case consultation with all partners, providing brand safety advice and are available for customer support on request. Please contact:

July 2018